Ymen Berhouma

At the age of twenty, she spent around ten years in Europe (Germany, Spain, France) then moved back to Tunis and began studying fashion design. This is where she approaches drawing. Then began to paint and in 2005 exhibited a series on motherhood. Her work, closely linked to her life, questions the place of women-mothers within a stereotypical society that leaves little space for otherness.
The margin, solitude, and disintegration are her privileged themes treated with acrylic, and in rather large formats, they emanate the impression of a human abyss, a world from within to which one could not remain insensitive. Of great expressive force, her paintings grip you with the disintegration of forms and the melancholy that its characters embody.
Her references, different from one series to another, distinguish her from other artists. Sometimes she borrows from the register of classicism, sometimes from a less conventional style. That of an accumulation of scenes, a form of mental map printing the network of her thoughts.

Her current work puts the child at the center and questions the possibility of resuscitation following early life trauma, in an increasingly merciless world.
Her work is part of the collection of the Ministry of Culture in Tunisia and France (DRAC) and in several private collections.

Instagram : @atelierymen