2010 was a turning point in Aicha Gorgi‘s career, she decided to rename her gallery from:Ammar Farhat Gallery to AGorgi Gallery and to breathe new life to the Tunisian Artistic scene and oriented her gallery exclusively towards contemporary art.
The Ammar Farhat gallery was founded by Mr Abdelaziz Gorgi in tribute to his lifetime friend Ammar Farhat. Both were major figures of 20th century art in Tunisia and contributed in linking Tunisian art to modernity. Abdelaziz Gorgi entrusted his daughter Aicha with the management of the gallery.

Aicha Gorgi, who studied art, walked in her father’s steps, thus promoting art in Tunisia.

Since 2010 Aicha Gorgi major focus was to hunt down new talents, guide their first steps and follow the expres- sion of uncommon art. She has also managed to create a network of collectors, both open and trusting her artistic orientations. AGorgi Gallery exhibitions surprise, provide food for thought and make an upheaval on the Tunisian art scene.

Soon the gallery gained fame thanks to its innovative, novel and rigorously selected exhibitions.
An illustrated catalogue is provided in most exhibitions.
The gallery doesn’t solely provide exhibitions of the most prolific local artists, but it has also established the tradi- tion of organizing thematic exhibitions, mostly dealing with nowadays Tunisian preoccupations, at least twice a year. We could mention the Tunisian style pop art exploration, working on the different interpretations of the black color in Tunisia, or artists expressing their «artistic feeling» about the LOVE theme. All of which were a success.

It is worth mentioning that the activities of the young AGorgi gallery are rather concentrated on Tunisia because Aicha Gorgi has made a point in renewing the language of art in the country and in proving that one can be an artist or a gallerist while betting on contemporary art and new expressions. This is the challenge the gallery has taken up, a challenge that gives a meaning to its action and is renewed through every show.