Aïcha Filali

born in 1956,Tunis where she lives and works.


After studying art at the University of Tunis, where she earned a doctorate in Arts and Techniques of the Arts, Aïcha Filali began by creating projects that linked handicrafts and design in the field of jewelry and traditional textiles, for which she won several awards for creativity in Tunisia and at UNESCO (1994).

She then turned to contemporary art, placing Tunisian and Arab society at the heart of her work. In her various projects, she uses a variety of materials and techniques such as ceramics, sculpture, photography, collage, embroidery, and installations. She draws all of her themes from the contemporary social world, from a critical and playful perspective, using either kitsch excess or purity.

She exhibits regularly in Tunisia and abroad (Dakar Biennale, Marrakech Artfair, Sotheby’s London, Fiac d’Alger, IMA Paris, IFA Berlin) and has over 15 solo exhibitions to her credit.

She has also published several books on some of her artistic experiences: Mémoire de terre 1995 – Fragments odorants, 2000 (prix du CREDIF de la création littéraire). Plaques et propos ; Tunis 2010. Ana/chroniques ; Sud Editions 2015. Captures ; contrastes éditions Tunis 2020. Mémoires en raccourcis ; contrastes éditions ; Tunis 2023.



Solo Exhibitions 

2023 : Mémoire en raccourcis,  El Marsa Gallery, Tunis.

2017 : Parterres, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2016 : Man antom, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2015 : Ana/chroniques, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2013 : Chbabek wa3teb, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2010 : Plaques et propos, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2010 : Rouge Baisé, La Boite_Un lieu d’art contemporain, Tunis.

2010 : L’angle mort, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2008 : Télé-surréalités, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2006 : Le parcours monstrueux, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2005 : Univers féminin, Dakar Biennale, Dakar.

2003 : Portraits en dessous, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2000 : Hmoums jemda, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

1995 : Mémoire de terre, Galerie Driba, Tunis.

1984 : Portraits, Galerie de l’information, Tunis.

Group Exhibitions 

2023 :
Hirafen, Talan L’expo – A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.
Nature morte (ou enterrée?), Musée Safia Farhat, Radès.

2022 :
Peuple es-tu là?, Musée Safia Farhat, Radès.

2020 :
Payasage, Musée Safia Farhat, Radès.

2019 :
What is a box?, El Marsa Gallery, Tunis.
Post-prod, Musée Safia Farhat, Radès.

2018 :
Gorgi Pluriel – Résonances, Talan L’expo – A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.
Histoire(s), Musée Safia Farhat, Radès.

2016 :
3ajel / Le temps réel, Talan L’expo – A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2015 :
Le monde entier est une mosquée, Jaou Biennal, KLF, Tunis.
Frayjeya, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2014 :
Féminin (Pluriel), A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2012 :
Dégagements, IMA. Paris.
La vie en rose, Galeries IFA. Berlin et stuttgart.
Sans transition, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2011 :
Les insignes de la citoyenneté, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.
Printemps des Arts, Palais Ebdellia La Marsa, Tunis.

2010 :
El Hobb, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.


Art Fairs:

2023 :

1-54 Contemp. African Art Fair