Emna Kahouaji

Emna is the daughter of Houcine Kahouaji (1959-2017) a leading Tunisian poet and playwright. She grew up surrounded by rhythms of verses and other prose of her father and the creative environment in their native city of Kairouan. An art career was a natural choice.

After obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at ISBAT (Tunis Institute of Fine Arts) in 2014,  Kahouaji also began a Masters in Traditional Heritage at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (FSHS).

Since completing graduating, she regularly participates in group exhibitions, particularly at the Aire libre Gallery at El Teatro (Variations des sens, Art Neuf, Le retour, Autour d’Antigone), Palais Kheireddine, Palais Abdelia as well as taking visual art workshops for children and collaborating on animated films, notably Briska by Nadia Rais, which won the jury prize at the 2017 Chouftouhouna Festival.

Her father’s poetry inspires her work; It is a visual conversation with words, thoughts, and symbols as a bridge between the two artistic disciplines. ​In 2019, she held her first solo exhibition « AZAL » (Eternity) at the Aire libre Gallery at El Teatro in Tunis.

She won the EPI (Emerging African Art Galleries Association) mentorship prize in 2020.