Aïcha Snoussi

The artist’s work tackles issues of deep-rooted narratives, authority, and balances of power that shape history and social dynamics from a queer perspective. She embraces drawing as a practice of proliferation, therefore occupying visual space – merging with installations made of sculptures and meticulously collected, engraved and assembled objects and organic materials. In her practice, crayons take the shape of a blade dissecting paper and concepts. She uses fiction to question memory, ruins, vestiges of the erased, gender norms and resistance. She digs within her mediums through an archeological approach: pushing layers of an encyclopedia transformed into an anti-knowledge book or engraving bones in order to extract political content and singular languages.

Aïcha Snoussi graduated from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Tunis and the University of  Sorbonne in Paris. She is the 2020 winner of the Sam Prize for Contemporary Art and the first prize of the Rambourg Foundation for the Underwater تحت الماء  project.  This archeological fiction is displayed and evolving through several current and upcoming exhibitions. The narrative embodied through the installations revolves around an ancient queer civilization that first emerged in Sépulture aux noyé.e.s (Mo.Co, 2021), and expanded through several solo shows: My loved ones أحبائي (Zinsou Foundation, 2021), Nous étions mille sous la table (Palais de Tokyo, 2022), Layla ليلة (La La Lande Gallery, 2022), Tout est chaos (Archeological site of Lattara, 2022). Her work has also been exhibited at the Abu Dhabi Art Fair, 1.54 Contemporary Art Fair in London, Cobra Museum in Amsterdam, Beirut Art Fair, Art Brussels, Akaa Art Fair, Cape Town Art Fair and has been shown in group shows as Habibi, les révolutions de l’amour (Arab World Institute, 2022), Les Portes du possible. Art & Science-fiction (Centre Pompidou Metz, 2022) and queer feminist art festivals and exhibitions as Ectomie Patriarcale II (Brussels, 2022) Sortir de l’hétérosexualité (Paris, 2019), Chouftouhonna International feminist art festival of Tunis (Halfaouine, 2018).