A.Gorgi Gallery

Founded in 1988, A.Gorgi Gallery is the oldest gallery in operation in Tunisia. Over its three decades of activity, the gallery has focused on young expressions, aiming to renew the artistic landscape of the Tunisian environment. Aïcha Gorgi has been able to discover new talents, guide their first steps and follow their affirmation in unique artistic expressions. Similarly, she was able to surround this « nursery » of creativity with a network of new collectors who are open and trust the artistic orientations on which the gallery is based. Gradually, A.Gorgi Gallery became renowned for its original, unprecedented exhibitions, selected with rigor and not without eclecticism.

From another perspective, the gallery organizes off-site events in partnership with major Tunisian companies, providing artists with the technical and material means to create original works exhibited in places other than the gallery, and accompanied by the publication of substantial catalogs. It collaborates in particular with the company Talan, within the framework of the organization of large-scale exhibitions, which breathe new life into the cultural and social scene.

Additionally, to bring international visibility to Tunisian artists, the Gallery participates in many international contemporary art fairs, such as the Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Investec Cape Town Art Fair, 1:54 London, AKAA Paris, Art Brussels, and more.

A.Gorgi Gallery has played a major role in the development of contemporary art in Tunisia. It has helped to discover and promote new talent, and to bring Tunisian art to a wider audience. The gallery is a vital part of the Tunisian cultural scene.