Héla Lamine

Hela Lamine, born in 1984, is a Tunisian multidisciplinary artist and a teacher at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Sousse. She lives and works in Tunis.

Since 2010, she has been developing a hybrid practice that centers around the human being and what they consume: food, social networks, politics, culture, tradition, identity, and more. She is interested in the representation of the body, its « aura, » and she questions the boundaries that separate its « unique » property from the « multiple, » the « matrix » from the « reproducible, » the « consumer » from the « consumed. » She seeks to create mechanisms that can generate confusion between what is visible and what can be concealed, playing with the delicate limits that separate these two territories, often with humor and derision.

Since 2019, in her studio-orchard in Mornag, she envisions models, ephemeral immersive installations, virtual reality worlds, all revolving around the theme of communication and connection with the non-human, specifically trees. In biomimicry, she explores alternative possibilities for human life on a planet disrupted by climate change while respecting all forms of life. To achieve this, she attempts to imagine, through drawing, the creation of hybrid objects, and experimental videos, the stages of a potential process of transformation or mutation.

Ultimately, she seeks to redefine her own place within this ecosystem. Ideally, she envisions a form of harmony that could naturally link her to this entirety.