Héla Lamine

Born in 1984 in Tunis, is a graduate of the Fine Arts Institute of Tunis and the University of Paris I Panthéon –Sorbonne (France). She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Fine Arts, and teaches at the Institute of Fine Arts in Sousse (Tunisia).

Hela Lamine exploits several means such as drawing, engraving, painting, collage, fresco and new digital techniques. Whether through graphic narratives or food “laid on plate and on display”, she experiments, often in a jocular and derisive way, the confusion that underlies what can be seen and what may be hidden underneath. Eagerly interested in works “open” to several interpretations, she makes use of fiction aiming at mainly establishing a contact with the “Other” with whom she seeks to share and interact, with regards their own wonderings about human beings, contemporary society or again the political.