Héla Lamine

Born in 1984 - Lives and works in Tunis


Born in 1984 in Tunis, is a graduate of the Fine Arts Institute of Tunis and the University of Paris I Panthéon –Sorbonne (France). She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Fine Arts, and teaches at the Institute of Fine Arts in Sousse (Tunisia).

Hela Lamine exploits several means such as drawing, engraving, painting, collage, fresco and new digital techniques. Whether through graphic narratives or food “laid on plate and on display”, she experiments, often in a jocular and derisive way, the confusion that underlies what can be seen and what may be hidden underneath. Eagerly interested in works “open” to several interpretations, she makes use of fiction aiming at mainly establishing a contact with the “Other” with whom she seeks to share and interact, with regards their own wonderings about human beings, contemporary society or again the political.




Gallery of African Contemporary Art, Neuchâtel, Swiss – 2017

Perfume me ‘cause I love you!

Fatales-Palmarium perfumery, Tunis – 2016

The unsecret life of Samantha.C

Galerie A.Gorgi, Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisia – 2015

Samantha.C : processus en étalage

Fondation de la Maison de Tunisie, Paris, France – 2015


L’Etre Carré

Musk and Amber, Tunis – 2018


Déambulation multimédia dans la médina de Sousse, Tunisia – 2018

Résonances – Gorgi Pluriel

Palais Khaireddine, Tunis – December 2018


Villa Dutoit, Genève, Swiss – 2018


Point éphémère, Paris, France – 2018

Utopie Visuelle

Galerie Elbirou, Sousse, Tunisia – 2018

Une ligne, un tracé…

A.Gorgi gallery, Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisia – 2018


Galerie Alain Nadaud, Gammarth, Tunisia – 2018

L’heure rouge

Biennale de Dakar, Sénégal – 2018

Miz Moz Maz #abracadabra

Galerie Alain Nadaud, Gammarth, Tunisia – 2018

Forum national « Point virgule »

Palais Kheireddine, Tunis – 2018

Mud Prod Tour // Hello, Nice to meet you!

Noa, La Marsa, Tunisia – 2018

Avec un livre

Elbirou gallery, Sousse, Tunisia – 2018


«Seconde vie», Elbirou, Sousse, Tunisia.
«Harraga», Parallel Vienna 2017, Vienna (Austria).
«Tiempos de desamparo», CentroCentro, Madrid (Spain) // Proarte de kunstraum, Hallein (Austria).
«Art Fair Paris 2017», Grand Palais, Paris (France).
«Rencontre des deux rives», Elbirou, Sousse, Tunisia // Municipal Gallery of Erquy, Erquy (France)
«GRAPH’M : Love & Calligraphy», Ghaya Gallery, Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisia.

«Arkane Afrika», ART’COP22, Marrakech, (Marocco)
«Tiempos de desamparo», Espacio Alcultura, Algeciras (Spain).
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«Indice d’une suite», National Museum of Bardo, Tunisia.
«Art Fair», Carpe Diem, Tunisia.
«Réminiscence», Entreprise Talan, Tunisia.
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« 15 artistes d’art contemporain revisitent la mode», Fashion Week Tunis, Tunisia.
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« Hopening » at the Gallery HOPE! Contemporary, Tunisia.
« Rosy Future, Contemporary Art from Tunisia », the IFA Gallery in Stuttgart (Germany).
« Sans transition », Gallery Ammar Farhat, Tunisia.

« Rosy Future », Contemporary Art from Tunisia, IFA Gallery, Berlin (Germany).
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« HADHIRATE » National Live Art Center of Tunis, Tunisia.
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« Ouverture(s) », BAC Art Center, Tunisia.
« Meetings of Bamako, African biennnal of photography for a sustainable » within the framework of the project DVD « Liberté quand tu nous tiens » led by Faten Gaddes (Mali)
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« Les mouches et le journal », Bookshop Fahrenheit 451, Tunisia.
« What Alice Said! », Bookshop La Lucarne des Ecrivains, Paris (France).

« Le Burlesque », Gallery Kanvas Art Gallery, Tunisia.
Collective Exhibitions at the International City of Paris, Tunisia.
Exposition Collective Exhibitions of the ISBAT’s students, Palace Kheireddine, Tunisia.

« Printemps des arts plastiques de la Marsa » 5th edition, at the palace Abdellia, Tunisia.
« 5th International Photographic Meeting of Ghar El Melh », Tunisia.
« Love », Espace Bir Lahjar, Tunisia.


« Dos Mares » Marseille (France). September 2016
« Arkane Afrika», Arkane, Casablanca (Marocco). March 2016
« Kulturlabor », Goethe Institut of Tunis (Tunisia). April 2016
« Indice d’une suite » Galerie Glassbox, Paris (France). June 2014 – Musée National du Bardo (Tunis) – December 2015.


January 2010 – Currently : Teaching at the Higher Institute of Fine-Arts (Tunisia) as a contractual assistant.
2009 : Engraving Monitoring with Crous Versailles « Initiation to engraving» at the Fine-Arts workshops of the town of Antony (France).
June 2007: Animation of a photography workshop entitled « Le portrait dans tous ses états» during the 5th International Photographic Meeting of Ghar El Melh, Tunisia.
June 2006: Animation of a photography workshop entitled « The auto portrait » during the 4th International Photographic Meeting of Ghar El Melh, Tunisia.
July 2005: Animation of a children’s visual arts workshop, entitled « Sculpter Les Mots» at the Resource Center Charles-De-Gaulle of Tunis, Tunisia.