Hela Ammar

Hela Ammar is a Tunisian based visual artist. In addition to her training in visual art, she holds a Phd in Law. Her photographs and installations address the stakes of memory. Identity and marginal communities are reccurent themes in her work.

Author of « Corridors » (2014), a photo book on tunisian prisons, and co-author of «Siliana Syndrome» (2013), a survey on death row in Tunisia, she developed a wholeartwork around the prison environment.

A selection of her photographs and installations is part of the permanent collection of the British Museum (London), the Arab World Institute (Paris), the A.Slaoui Foundation’s Museum (Casablanca) …

Her work has been showcased in various international biennals and exhibitions such as The refugee week, featured by Shubbak Festival at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Beyond borders at the Boghossian Foundation, Mara’ina at the King Abdulaziz Center of Art and Culture, World Nomads New York, Dream City…

Mohamed Ben Soltane

Mohamed Ben Soltane est diplômé de la section peinture de l’Institut Supérieur des Beaux-arts de Tunis. Hormis plusieurs questions, celle de la transmission occupe cet artiste qui s’est très tôt abreuvé à la source de l’art tunisien et notamment auprès d’artistes comme Abdelaziz Gorgi, Ibrahim Dhahak, Abderrazak Sahli, Jalel Ben Abdallah, Guider Triki et bien d’autres.

Mohamed Ben Soltane a touché à plusieurs médiums comme la photographie, l’animation, la bande dessinée, l’installation, la vidéo et la peinture. Le point commun est le sentiment de liberté qui assujetti le médium au concept et à l’idée. Depuis 2014, il s’amuse à créer des personnages attachants et hauts en couleur pour contrer le marasme et l’atmosphère pesante dans laquelle nous vivons.

En 2015, le Magazine Culture Trip le consacre comme un des dix artistes les plus intéressants d’Afrique du Nord.

Meriem Bouderbala

Photographer, painter, ceramist, curator…Meriem Bouderbala was trained at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Aix-en-Provence and at the Chelsea Art School in London. She lives and works in Tunis. It is in her double origin and double culture – French and Tunisian – that she draws her creative inspiration. Her sensitivity is marked by this weaving of cultural and affective links with the Mediterranean. She chose to work in-between and to set a lucid and critical look on these two shores that history has, in turn, brought closer and kept apart.

Laureate of the Fondation Ricard Price in 1998 and of the Centenaire de Michelin in 1999, she has been decorated in 2010 as Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture.


Mira Agdal

Mira Agdal (Anna Latreille Ladoux, Anna Blaszczyk) is an artist of Polish origin. A documentary film director who was studying at the same time Egyptian and Sudanese archeology at the University of Warsaw. As a film-maker she participated in many international festivals. For the moment she lives and works in Tunisia. Her paintings are regularly exhibited at the AGorgi gallery in Sidi Bou Said and meets a unanimous success, both with the press and professionals.