Aymen Mbarki

Born in 1983 in Tunis, Lives and works in Tunis
Aymen Mbarki is a self-taught visual artist.
As a child, drew regularly. At the age of 5 he came across small posters a printed copy of "Saturn devouring one of his sons" work of the Spanish painter and engraver Goya, it was the click: this meeting strongly and radically marked him and influenced his vision of the world. .
At 15 he was haunted by the idea of ​​continuing his journey by himself by feeding his curiosity and adopting a personal approach to self-learning.
At the time, he passed most of his time in the library and in the museum of Bardo and Carthage. His first exhibition took place in 2019 at the National Library of Tunis, since then he has taken part in several group exhibitions.

Bachir Tayachi

Born in 1996 in Tunis, works and lives in Tunis. He started drawing and painting with his mother and kept the habit of capturing the moment. He got his first award (a canon 1200D camera) in a painting competition when he was a student in Lycée Pilot des Arts with a theater speciality. During one year he studied at The School of Fine Arts of Tunis, when he decided to learn architecture at the National school of Architecture in Tunis.

«The image is for me a way to express myself and Instagram opened me up to a platform where to share my ideas. I found myself connected to multiple individuals until it grew up to a community of creativity. My collaboration with other artists helped me to reach my identity which keeps developing.» 

In 2021, Bachir showed his work in a gallery for the first time, during the collective show #Unconditional  at AGorgi gallery and collaborated with Vogue Man, for a cover and several pictures of the magazine.

Najah Zarbout

Najah Zarbout is originally from Kerkennah (Tunisia). After studying at the Institut Supérieur des Arts et Métiers in Sfax, she was accepted at the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne where she obtained a doctorate in Arts and Sciences of Art. 

She currently holds a position as a lecturer at the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts in Sousse. Zarbout is interested in subjects related to current affairs as well as the contemporary individual and society. Her achievements in plastic arts deal with the relationship to the other in its various aspects. She thus proposes a metaphor of the human being in his submission or his disobedience and invites the spectator to an imaginary journey through the medium of paper. Behind her works, which seem to be playful, are hidden deep and daring themes.


Oriented exclusively towards emerging Tunisian artists, AGorgi is a contemporary art space that provides experimental perspectives on the region’s art landscape.
Founded by Tunisian artist Abdelaziz Gorgi in the early 1990s as the Ammar Farhat Gallery, Aicha Gorgi shifted the gallery’s focus in 2010 towards identifying and nurturing new talent and artistic expression. Since then, AGorgi has aimed to renew the language of art in Tunisia through showcasing new articulations of contemporary art.
With a rigorous exhibition program featuring cross-cutting themes of local concern, AGorgi promotes a greater appreciation for artistic production amongst its local public.
The gallery also draws on its extensive network to connect Tunisian art forms to international currents of modern and contemporary art.

AGorgi Contemporary Art Gallery
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Tunis ,Tunisia
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Hela Ammar

Hela Ammar is a Tunisian based visual artist. In addition to her training in visual art, she holds a Phd in Law. Her photographs and installations address the stakes of memory. Identity and marginal communities are reccurent themes in her work.

Author of « Corridors » (2014), a photo book on tunisian prisons, and co-author of «Siliana Syndrome» (2013), a survey on death row in Tunisia, she developed a wholeartwork around the prison environment.

A selection of her photographs and installations is part of the permanent collection of the British Museum (London), the Arab World Institute (Paris), the A.Slaoui Foundation’s Museum (Casablanca) …

Her work has been showcased in various international biennals and exhibitions such as The refugee week, featured by Shubbak Festival at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Beyond borders at the Boghossian Foundation, Mara’ina at the King Abdulaziz Center of Art and Culture, World Nomads New York, Dream City…

Meriem Bouderbala

Photographer, painter, ceramist, curator…Meriem Bouderbala was trained at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Aix-en-Provence and at the Chelsea Art School in London. She lives and works in Tunis. It is in her double origin and double culture – French and Tunisian – that she draws her creative inspiration. Her sensitivity is marked by this weaving of cultural and affective links with the Mediterranean. She chose to work in-between and to set a lucid and critical look on these two shores that history has, in turn, brought closer and kept apart.

Laureate of the Fondation Ricard Price in 1998 and of the Centenaire de Michelin in 1999, she has been decorated in 2010 as Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture.