Taher Jaoui

Born in 1978 in Tunis. Works and lives in Madrid, Spain


Creating captivating and labor-intensive work with the idea of continuing the legacy of the abstract expressionism movement from the 50s and 60s, Taher Jaoui’s paintings are rich assemblages of layered forms, vibrant colors, and expressive gestures, and mathematics signs and formulas. Applied on canvas through a dynamic interaction, a physical back-and-forth dialogue in which perspective and orientation continuously change until all the elements are balanced right, these opulent creations are the artist’s personal way of expressing himself.
Through a series of spontaneous movements, directly inspired by the way canvas responds to layers of paint and
gestures applied to it, Jaoui compares his work to a dance routine with a familiar partner. While impulsive and unconstrained in its core, familiarity with materials is essential for the creative process which strongly depends on the ability to respond quickly and foresee the way the elements will work together.



Solo Exhibitions (selection)     

2021 : Jamboree, Musk and Amber Gallery, Tunis.

2020 : Controlled Entropy, 81 Leonard Gallery, New York, Co-organized by Uncommon Beauty.

2017 : Untitled I at Galerie la Rotonde, Galerie la Rotonde, Paris.

2016 : Masques simulacres, Musk and Amber Gallery, Tunis.

2015 : Simulacrum, Atelier MilanaSmokvine, Rijeka.

2015 : Métamorphoses Collage, Gallerie les Insolites, Tangier.

Group exhibitions (Selection)

2024 :
Moving Figures,  A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2022 :

Raconte moi …, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2019 :

Impossible Until it is Done, Opera Gallery, Dubai.

Dystopia, Banzy Gallery, Beirut.

Architectural Digest Show, Uncommon Beauty Gallery, New York.

An Atlantic Bridge BERLIN – USA, Galerie Kremers, Berlin0

2018 :

Works on paper III, Galerie Kremers, Berlin0

Psychedelic Robot, Bivins Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

2017 :

EMERGEAST Auction IV, Dubai.

Cutting Edge, CoGalleries, Berlin.

Bardo Exhibition, Aquabit Gallery, Berlin.

2016 :

Let me be your Hero, Ghaya Gallery, Tunis.

Let me be your Hero Ghaya Gallery, Tunis.

Edging, Ludwig Gallery, Berlin.

Dada 100 years after, Agora Gallery, Berlin.

2015 :

Simulacrum Collage Solo collages exhibition, Atelier MilanaSmokvine, Rijeka.

Mini-prints, Heiki Arndt DK Gallery, Berlin, Germany

GlueHeads #3, Alternativ Gallery, Berlin.

GlueHeads #1, Alternativ Gallery, Berlin.

Finders Keepers, Art Share LA Los Angeles.

Can’t judge a book by its cover, Maison de l’image, Tunis.

Artists from Berlin, Chef d’oeuvre, Tokyo.

48 Stunden Neukoelln, Studio 74, Berlin, Germany.

30 days arround the world, The Ballery Gallery, Berlin.