Ibrahim Matouss


Ibrahim Màtouss is a pseudonym created from the plastic meanderings of Fakhri El Ghezal.
Since 2010, he has taken part in several group shows: Lokhrine/ Les autres and Sexy Art 3 at Galerie L’Air libre in Tunis, A dire d’elles at the Bibliothèque Nationale in Tunis, Printemps des Arts: Fair Tunis at Palais Abdellia in La Marsa, Politiques 1 and Politiques 2 at CNAV in Tunis and Galerie Talmart in Paris, Sans Transition, Slash, De-Génération and Circumambulation with Galerie A. Gorgi, where he presented his first solo show Hrigua in 2013, Burning Day in 2015 and Métamorphosis in 2016.
For Ibrahim Màtouss, the work is dialogue; painting is speech. His figures create a gap towards a piercing « reality ». « Faces of figures, figures of faces »; layers of glued paper, smoky glues, superimpositions of materials, tearing away of materials… The support and « the others » embrace, giving rise to a flesh-to-flesh encounter…
The action of the fire and the gouge hold the subjects in place in a kind of ambient, poignant malaise! Intimacy is narrated… The gap goes astray.



Solo exhibitions (selection)

2021 : État second, La Boîte _ Un lieu d’art contemporain, Tunis.

2016 : Metamorphosis, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2015 : Burning day, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2013 : Hrigua , A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

Group exhibition (selection)

2022 : Raconte moi …, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2021 : #Unconditional , A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2018 :

Etat des lieux, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

Une ligne, un tracé…, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2016 : 3ajel/Le temps réel, Talan L’expo – A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2014 :

Circumambulation, Talan L’expo – A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

Dé-génération, Talan L’expo – A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2013 : Slash, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.

2012 : Sans transition, A.Gorgi Gallery, Tunis.