« The Unsecret Life of Samantha.C »

11 . 2015

Héla Lamine

Good morning Samantha,
My name is Hela Lamine.
I’ve been working for some time on the social networks, which has led me today to send you this message. The thing is, you don’t know me, while I do know you through the publications you’ve shared on the Facebook network.
I would like to assure you that this is not a sick joke, but a well-considered artistic work, the topic of which centers on the free flow of personal data on the net, and on the exclusive example of your profile.
I would like you to know that my choice of your profile was very random. I have been working on it over the past months for the project of my personal exhibition, the opening of which is scheduled for November 15th, 2015, at the A.Gorgi Gallery, in Sidi Bou Said Village, in Tunisi (Tunisia) and to which I invite you.
I ensure you that your anonymity will be maintained, even after the exhibition.
I will explain to you further everything in a Skype conference. Does an appointment on Saturday October 31th at 10am (****local time) suit you?
I really wish we could talk on Saturday.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards,
Hela Lamine