Bachir Tayachi

Born in 1996 in Tunis, works and lives in Tunis. He started drawing and painting with his mother and kept the habit of capturing the moment. He got his first award (a canon 1200D camera) in a painting competition when he was a student in Lycée Pilot des Arts with a theater speciality. During one year he studied at The School of Fine Arts of Tunis, when he decided to learn architecture at the National school of Architecture in Tunis.

«The image is for me a way to express myself and Instagram opened me up to a platform where to share my ideas. I found myself connected to multiple individuals until it grew up to a community of creativity. My collaboration with other artists helped me to reach my identity which keeps developing.» 

In 2021, Bachir showed his work in a gallery for the first time, during the collective show #Unconditional  at AGorgi gallery and collaborated with Vogue Man, for a cover and several pictures of the magazine.