Aïcha Filali

Aicha Filali was born in 1956 in Tunis where she lives and works.

Most of the themes treated by Aicha filali raise social issues in all their extensions: sculpture, installations, and portraits… using different materials and techniques: from ceramics and fabrics to photos and collages…

On the lookout of the events of the everyday life and the ambient social bonds in her immediate environment, she carries a unique vision with different perceptions; she has a sharp yet tender outlook on the contemporary society in all its multiple extensions.

Aicha Filali’s exhibits her art regularly since in 1984.

She succeeded in presenting around 15 personal exhibitions along her carrier.

She took part at the exhibition « Dégagements » in the Arab World Institute (Paris, France) and « La Vie en Rose » at the IFI gallery (Berlin and Stuttgart, Germany), and sold several of her artwork in the Sotheby’s auctions.