25.04 - 24.05.2024

Ymen Berhouma, Noutayel Belkadhi, Omar Bey, Meriem Bouderbala, Taher Jaoui, Ahmed Louzir and Najah Zarbout.

The countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea share a rich history of puppetry, dolls, and figures that capture the imagination. From the bustling markets of Marrakesh to the sunny squares of Rome, marionettes with intricate joints have been performing for centuries, carrying stories across cultures.

These weren’t just simple toys; Shadow puppets like the Karakuz figures flickered political satire, while the fantastical creatures of Sicily’s Opera dei Pupi delighted audiences of all ages. Marionettes became more than just entertainment; they were a way to share hidden messages and unspoken stories.

In the warmth of Tunisian evenings, these threads of wonder took root. A marionette, a symbol held aloft, could spark a revolution or offer a fleeting escape from the daily grind. They were our companions in dreams, partners in flights of fancy.

But in a current world choked by a heavy atmosphere, where dreams seem to struggle for breath, we must remember: without imagination, we cannot hope. These moving figures of our childhood, these relics of imagination and innocence, serve as vibrant reminders of that spark – the ability to go beyond the present moment.

This exhibition invites both artists and visitors to step back into that world. Letting these infant companions reawaken the senses, reignite the flames of creativity, and remind us of the magical power of these figures, from dolls and cartoons to marionettes and beyond.