Rym Karoui

Born in 1967 in Tunis [TN]. Lives and works in Tunis [TN].
Rym Karoui earned her Advanced National Diploma in Visual Arts and Plastic Expressionism from the School of Fine-Arts of Marseille, France, in 1993. She then pursued her artistic training in sculpture and painting at the School of Fine Arts both in Paris and Barcelona.
Self-proclaimed « artist-anthropologist », Rym is fascinated by cultural diversity. Greatly innovative and creative, she works mainly with acrylic, often with collage and other mixed media on canvas or on metal for sculptures. Her use of vivid color palettes of intense vibrant tones conveys universes of extravagance, creativity and magic filled with signs, symbols and animated rangy figures such as jockeys or acrobats. Beyond her pictorial wonderlands, reminding us of “art toys”, there is a vital need to maintain alive fantasy within all of us. The strong emotion felt affront of her paintings yet stands out of her sculptures, revealing a three dimensional life force to her enchanted world.