Oriented exclusively towards emerging Tunisian artists, AGorgi is a contemporary art space that provides experimental perspectives on the region’s art landscape.
Founded by Tunisian artist Abdelaziz Gorgi in the early 1990s as the Ammar Farhat Gallery, Aicha Gorgi shifted the gallery’s focus in 2010 towards identifying and nurturing new talent and artistic expression. Since then, AGorgi has aimed to renew the language of art in Tunisia through showcasing new articulations of contemporary art.
With a rigorous exhibition program featuring cross-cutting themes of local concern, AGorgi promotes a greater appreciation for artistic production amongst its local public.
The gallery also draws on its extensive network to connect Tunisian art forms to international currents of modern and contemporary art.

AGorgi Contemporary Art Gallery
3 Rue Sidi El Ghemrini , 2026 Sidi Bou Said
Tunis ,Tunisia
Tel: +216 55 665 500