Walid Ardhaoui

Walid Ardhaoui, born in 1978 in Kairouan.


I obtained my Interior Design degree in 2006 (ISBAT) and a Diploma of English in 2008 (Dublin School of English). I have been exhibiting since 1994, as a student at the El Omrane Arts Pilot High School. Installed in Tunisia since 2014 I participated in several artistic events including “Al Maken” in Sidi Bou Said, and a group exhibition in EL Teatro. Meanwhile, I lived, worked and exhibited, between Dublin, Dubai and Abha (Saudi Arabia).

My first personal exhibition “AL MAHJOUZ”, the seized, EL Teatro, was in April 2016, oil painting on recycled wood and cement, offering realistic figures, which are immersed in a consumerist newspaper. In 2017, I participated in a personal exhibition “BARZAKH”, isthmus, at  Aicha Gorgi gallery, as part of the Jaou 2017 event organized by kamel Lazaar Foundation with the theme “The Migrant Nation”. Through my paintings, I traced the sad journey of some young people where dreams begin with a smile and a bright future to end in disappointment and bitterness. One of these works is currently part of the Kamel Lazaar Foundation Collection. .

I use photography as an intermediary between reality and painting, I need to paint, to make the invisible visible. Painting helps me to escape the criteria of languages, religions and cultures. I do not analyze or express myself, I simply ask myself a question: who is jealous of the other, the painting or the photo? Who defines the other, us or space?


1994: high school pilot of arts El Omrane

2006: interior design diploma from  the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Tunis

2008: Diploma of English from DUBLIN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH



1995 : Yahia Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia

1997 : Surface support, with the French painter Claude Viallat, Ibn Rachik Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia

1997 : Vision of Europe in the year 2000, Strasbourg, France

1998 : Tribute to Tunisian painters, Charles de Gaulle Library, France

1998 : Places, memories and modernity, Yahia Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia

2008-2009 : group exhibitions, GREEN GALLERY, Dublin, Ireland

2012 : group show, ABHA KSA


2015 : El Maken, IHET, Sidi Dhrif, Tunisia

2016 : New art, El teatro



2017 : Isthmus, AGorgi Gallery, Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisia

2016 : AL MAHJOUZ, El teatro



1996 : 2nd prize at the National Competition of Craftsmen (painting prize) – Tunis- Tunisia