Walid Ardhaoui

Walid Ardhaoui, born in 1978 in Kairouan.


I obtained my Interior Design degree in 2006 (ISBAT) and a Diploma of English in 2008 (Dublin School of English). I have been exhibiting since 1994, as a student at the El Omrane Arts Pilot High School. Installed in Tunisia since 2014 I participated in several artistic events including « Al Maken » in Sidi Bou Said, and a group exhibition in EL Teatro. Meanwhile, I lived, worked and exhibited, between Dublin, Dubai and Abha (Saudi Arabia).

My first personal exhibition « AL MAHJOUZ », the seized, EL Teatro, was in April 2016, oil painting on recycled wood and cement, offering realistic figures, which are immersed in a consumerist newspaper. In 2017, I participated in a personal exhibition « BARZAKH », isthmus, at  Aicha Gorgi gallery, as part of the Jaou 2017 event organized by kamel Lazaar Foundation with the theme « The Migrant Nation ». Through my paintings, I traced the sad journey of some young people where dreams begin with a smile and a bright future to end in disappointment and bitterness. One of these works is currently part of the Kamel Lazaar Foundation Collection. .

I use photography as an intermediary between reality and painting, I need to paint, to make the invisible visible. Painting helps me to escape the criteria of languages, religions and cultures. I do not analyze or express myself, I simply ask myself a question: who is jealous of the other, the painting or the photo? Who defines the other, us or space?



1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair

AGorgi gallery, London, UK – 2019

عرس الذيب

Solo show, AGorgi Gallery, Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisia – 2019


Hafez gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – 2019

Mirage d’espoir

Group show, International Organisation for Migration, Palais El Abdelliya, La Marsa, Tunisia – 2019


Artcom Concept, La Marsa, Tunisia – 2019

Une ligne, un tracé… 

Jaou, Fondation Kamel Lazaar & AGorgi Gallery, Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisia – 2018

Etat des lieux

AGorgi Gallery, Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisia – 2018

Le retour

El teatro Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia – 2018


Solo show, AGorgi Gallery, Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisia – 2017

Al Mahjouz

El teatro, Tunis, Tunisia – 2016

New art

El teatro, Tunis, Tunisia – 2016

El Maken

IHET, Sidi Dhrif, Tunisia – 2015

Group show


Group show

Abha KSA – 2012

Group exhibitions

GREEN GALLERY, Dublin, Ireland – 2008-09

Tribute to Tunisian painters

Charles de Gaulle Library, France – 1998

Places, memories and modernity

Yahia Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia – 1998

Surface support, with the French painter Claude Viallat

Ibn Rachik Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia – 1998

Vision of Europe in the year 2000

Strasbourg, France – 1997

Goup show

Yahia Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia – 1995











1996 : 2nd prize at the National Competition of Craftsmen (painting prize) – Tunis- Tunisia