Ink, Papers and Scraps – حبار ،أوراق و كواغط

28.01 - 03.03.2024

Aicha Snoussi - Mohamed Amine Hamouda - Najah Zarbout

From the first charcoal smudge upon cave walls to the intricate ink strokes gracing illuminated manuscripts, paper has been the artist’s confidante. This humble canvas, woven from pulped dreams and sunlight, cradles the whispers of inspiration, the messy outbursts of frustration, and the quiet doodles that dance in the margins of thought.

In « Papers and Scraps – حبار ،أوراق و كواغط », three artists unveil their deeply personal dialogues with paper. It is not merely a surface, but an extension of their very being. Paper is stretched, sculpted, and caressed; it bears the brunt of ink-soaked smudges and delicately traced lines. It is torn into whispers, reshaped into stories, and ultimately echoes the artist’s soul.

While other mediums may beckon, the quiet rustle of paper’s embrace never fades. For these artists, it is a homecoming, a return to the raw, elemental language of creation. Whether they dance with ink, dye and assemble its fibers, or breathe life into fragments and scraps; paper remains their muse, their mirror, their canvas of endless possibilities…

_Dhia Dhibi